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Discount Programs

A4 Operations’ discount programs provide amazing benefits to you as the customer.

What is A4O's Memo?

Being part of A4 Operations’ general Newsletter means you will get ‘memos’ (emails and or text messages) on the following;

  • From A4 Operations:
    • New services
    • New product releases
    • Updates on existing services and products
    • Recommendations on 3-rd party products and services
  • From A4O partners and affiliates (3-rd parties):
    • Promotional codes
    • Exclusive offers

In Return

Your email and or phone number will be added to A4O’s marketing and notification list.

A4 Operations WILL NOT:

  • spam you with bogus offers, products, or deals.
  • sell, rent, or lease your personal information.

A4O will use your email and or phone number to send marketing material and information about:

  • A4O’s offerings, new services, new products, and promotional offerings.
  • 3-rd party products and services, in the form of affiliate links and codes.

For example, One may receive an email or text about:

  • Awesome computer sales from Amazon, ASUS, Lenovo, or other brands.
  • Time or space saving gadgets for the home and office.
  • New services and products from A4 Operations, special rates on existing A4O services, and special sales on any number of A4O’s products.

One of the main goals of this list is to share products and services that will make life less hectic, more efficient, and overall a easier.

Join A4O Newsletter

What is A4O's Life5 discount??

A4 Operations’ Life5 discount system includes all the benefits of our newsletter, with the addition of two extra benefits.


By opting into A4O’s Life5 system, you automatically get the benefits of being signed up for our newsletter, plus:

  1. Receive a 5% discount code for A4O’s services and products for life (some exclusions may apply).
    • Products and services will clearly state if they accept Life5 or not.
  2. More personalized newsletter material
    • Plus receive your notifications at least a day before our general Newsletter gets sent out.

How to get and keep a Life5 discount.

  • How to get a Life5 discount code:
    1. Sign-Up for Life5 below. ⇓
  • How to keep a Life5 discount code active:
    1. Keep an active email or phone number on file.
    2. Use your Life5 discount code at least Once a Year (on any Service or Product).

Life5 Discount Sign Up

What is Service discount?

A4 Operations’ service discount program offers a special discount to active or retired members of the military, law enforcement, and emergency medical services (EMS).


Eligible individuals get a 7.00% discount on services and products.

In Return

In return, A4 Operations would like to Thank You for your service.

How to get a military discount

For now, you will have to contact us so that we may verify and enter your discount manually.

We are working on an integrated and automatic way to apply this discount.


Again, Thank You for your services and sacrifices.


Affiliates and Partners:

Note, some links on are affiliate/partner links. If you click through (use) our links and make a purchase, A4 Operations may receive a commission, with no additional cost to you.

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