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Moving Help Service

Kern County, CA

A4 Operations is an A-to-Z moving help service provider in Kern County, CA.

Pre-Move Offers

  • Moving material procurement
    • Moving Tote rentals available
  • Packing & Boxing
  • Itemizing
  • Staging & Loading
  • General moving help

Move-In Offers

  • Unloading & Staging
  • Unpacking
  • Organizing
  • Rearranging
  • General moving help

Moving Offers

  • Moving service
    • Save money with our moving tote rentals
    • *Special rates when combined with our Pre-Move and Move-In services*
  • Long distance moving quote comparisons
    • Use our pre-move services to get better prices when moving out of town

A4O is dedicated to alleviating some, if not all, of your stress from moving. Not only can we save you stress, time, and money before you move by packing, staging for pick up, and or moving your items for you; we will also help you get unpacked, organized, and set up in your new home, saving you additional stress, time, and money.

Imagine this: You hire a lesser-known business (such as A4 Operations), not expecting them to live up to their claims (as some businesses don’t), but hey, at least you’ll be saving some money… And much to your surprise: To start off, they come to your house with all the necessary packing and moving supplies needed. Secondly, they pack all your items from each room and label the boxes to correspond to specific rooms. Thirdly, they either stage your items in a designated area (for long-distance moving) or they load and move your items. Fourthly, your items are unloaded at your new location and placed into the appropriate rooms for unpacking (saving time and stress). Fifthly, (add-on service) A4O unpacks and sets up your new house for you allowing you to have everything ‘just right’ in the shortest amount of time. 

Additionally, coupling our moving help services with our Declutter and Organize and Haul Away services to trim down while you move will enable special rates for all services.

Save yourself, Moving is stressful enough.


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