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Digitization: Scanning & Conversion Service

What is the one thing that is taking up the most space in your house, garage, shed, or office?

If you answered documents, manuals, photos, plans, or anything of the like to the above question, A4O’s digitization service is here for you.

Do you have collections that look like this?

Years worth of client's kid's daycare work that A4O scanned and put on a thumb drive. Digitization Service. Kern County, Bakersfield, CA, USA

Do you have collections of your child’s school work or perhaps you have boxes of photos and other physical media that you keep telling yourself that you’ll scan one day?

Or maybe stacks that look like this in your office?

Business job folder backlog A4O scanned. Digitization Service. Kern County, Bakersfield, CA, USA.

Or perhaps your office is filled with stacks of job folders filled with files and documents that you never end up having time to scan; not for lack up trying, of course. 

Why not turn all that into one of these?

Wouldn’t you feel so much more at ease, like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders, if you were able to get rid of all those stacks and boxes?

Or at the very least, be able to put them in the back of storage?

You would feel so much more at ease knowing that all your documents are safe and you would save a countless amount of time when needing to find specific documents.

Service Details

Digitization service

What can be digitized (Scanned & Converted)?

  • Documents
  • Photos
  • Books
  • Manuals
  • Magazines
  • Large formats (E.g. Building plans)

If you have something in question, contact us. We will be happy to connect with you.

Features & Capabilities

After receiving your physical media in the mail or after A4O provides a local pick up, we will create digital copies.

Standard service (scanning & converting) includes:

  • File formats: PDF / jpeg
  • File naming
  • Folder naming & organization

In most cases, if desired, A4O can:

  • Itemize files (File list)
  • Convert File format types
  • Perform OCR to make documents digitally searchable
  • Create and Insert internal document hyperlinks (‘hot links’)
  • Convert to eBook (not just PDF)
  • Recreate documents, such as CAD files for building plans


Media file format options:

  • PDF
  • PDF + OCR (searchable)
  • Jpg, PNG, various
  • eBook / eReader var. formats
  • Various CAD formats (dwg, ipt, and others)


Media file Options:

  • Client provided cloud storage fold (get them exactly where you want them)
  • A4O provided cloud storage fold (will require you to download all files, then put them where they belong)
  • USB drive
  • SD / Micro SD card
  • CD

Local Clients’ Add-on Options

If you are located within Kern County, CA, there are additional options of scheduled and or reoccurring, In-Person pick up/delivery, as well as other in-person service offers.


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